Ludo Multiplayer

Do You Feel Lucky?

If dice seem to like you, you may want to try your hand at this Ludo Multiplayer game. Get each of your four game pieces all the way around the board (and back to your color) to win. However, if you sling a six, pat yourself on the back because you get a free turn! If you’re only throwing down ones and twos, it will definitely take you a while to get home.

Clash Head To Head In This Ludo Multiplayer Game

Playing Ludo with your family and friends is sure to fuel plenty of friendly rivalries. Remember to brag thoroughly every time you roll a six, but be careful, because what goes around comes around. So grab your rabbit’s foot and wear your lucky underpants, because your success is all in the dice when it comes to beating the odds and your opponent in this Ludo Multiplayer title!