Looney Roonks

Peril Lies Ahead…

Unfortunately for our poor little Looney Roonks, they have run out of room on their beautiful island. As more and more Roonks fill the screen, they are forced to march towards a cliff! You have to save them quickly, or they will surely fall to a watery grave. But how on earth can you stop the overpopulation before it’s too late?

Match 3 And Save The Looney Roonks!

You will need to think and act quickly if you want to keep the Roonks alive in this fast-paced arcade game. There are five rows of Roonks heading toward the cliff. If you can line three of the same kind up by sliding them to different rows, they will disappear and make room for others. It may seem easy at first, but these little guys won’t stop coming! Survival is all about getting ahead of it early. Ready to be the hero in this Looney Roonks game?