Lizard Rocket

3, 2, 1..Blastoff! 

Hurl yourself into the atmosphere in this Lizard Rocket game, where you help a fearless reptile gather coins. Someone strapped this little guy onto a rocket, and it’s your job to help him control it. Steer into clusters of coins and away from falling boulders. If you manage to grab a heart, you can survive a hit from one of these massive chunks of stone. Better yet, if you can find a mushroom, you will receive a huge speed boost as well as a shield! 

Test Your Skill And Speed With Lizard Rocket!

No, those floating platforms aren’t just decoration – you can actually land on them and stay for a brief moment. Beware, though, because boulders can still crush you when you’ve landed. Collect your thoughts, look for nearby coins and re-launch when you’re ready. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can turn your average Lizard Rocket scores into a lasting legacy!