Leave No Tile Unturned

It’s time to test your tile-swapping talent with this Lineum game. Navigate tricky twists and turns as you change these brown tiles of dirt into lush green grass. Tap to flip. When you’ve flipped them all to green, you win! It sounds easy, but there’s a catch: you have to flip all the tiles using one continuous line! This is what makes this game so challenging and unique. Pick your starting spot with confidence.

Blaze Your Own Trail in Lineum

We also love this game because there are dozens of ways to win. No matter how bendy or twisty your path is, as long as it swaps every brown tile without stopping, you win! It’s not over in just a few levels, either. Unlock harder difficulties by beating levels and put your brain to the ultimate test. Think creatively, be patient, and you’ll conger every Lineum level!