Light Rays

Let There Be Light Rays

Light Rays wants to know: If you were asked to light up an entire room using a single beam of light, could you do it? This game challenges you to think creatively from the very first level, banking and bending the very fiber of light itself to bring it to its final destination, a beautiful crystal orb. This game is much more than a simple mirror puzzle. You will have to navigate the beam of light around multiple corners, obstacles, and other challenges. Supplies aren’t unlimited, either – you have to do the best with the mirrors that you have.

Conquer Fun Challenges

As you progress through each level, so does the difficulty. Light Rays challenges you to find out-of-the-box ways to (literally) get around each and every corner. It’s okay to take some time to prepare yourself before you start setting up your mirror relays, but remember – a single wrong move could mean you are left in darkness forever! Or you could just hit the restart button. Good luck, and have fun playing our Light Rays game!