Let's Go Fishing

Whoa, They’re Really Biting Today!

You wake up early on a beautiful morning, and a fun thought pops into your head: Let’s Go Fishing! You grab your tackle box and hit the lake. Boy, it must have rained worms last night, because the fish are biting like crazy! Get your hook angled just right, drop it in, and you’re sure to reel in a whopper. Just be careful with your placement, because you only have four misses before you’re done!

Reel In a Let’s Go Fishing High Score

Ask any pro fisherman, and they’ll tell you that the secret to success is patience. Go after the big fish, and don’t release that hook until you’re ready. If you can stick to those two simple steps, you’ll be reeling in a massive high score in no time! Our best is 7200 points. Load up this Let’s Go Fishing game and show us what you’ve got!