Get Ready to Smash in Kongman!

After those evil scientists experimented on you, called you a freak, and kept you in a cage for years, it’s time to get your revenge in this Kongman game. You’ll show them what true power really is. After your escape, you rush to the city to start pulverizing everything that you see! This skyscraper looks like a great place to get started. As you sprint up to it, the city folk run in terror. Puny humans...

Watch Out for Overhangs

In this fun and addicting skill game, you will quickly realize that this powerful ape isn’t invincible. He can punch an entire floor of a building out with one swing, but who wouldn’t be knocked out if an entire balcony fell on their head? Make sure you steer clear of the overhangs as you smash this building to bits with your bare hands. Now let’s see your best Kongman high score!