Knife Smash

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Prove your skill as a masterful knife thrower in this Knife Smash game, the cool arcade game that rewards you for accuracy. A circular target whirls around in front of you. It may be a tire or even a life preserver. Fling your knives at it to bullseye all of the apples, but be careful, because a miss could cost you dearly! If you strike the hilt of another knife, you lose. This game moves in stages, and is full of action. Make it far enough, and you'll even encounter a formidable boss!

Take Out Bosses for Sweet Loot in Knife Smash!

Thought it was just apples, did you? If you aren’t prepared for a boss fight, you may find yourself out of knives and out of time. When that boss rears his head, focus! Hurl your knives at the targets and claim your awesome loot. That's right, in knife smash, you keep what you kill.