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Knife Smash

Knife Smash

Hey, At Least It’s Fruit

There are much meaner ways to play with knives, so in this Knife Smash online game, we’ll give you some bonus points for non-violence. That being said, you do need to be very deadly with a blade – just not deadly to humans. A circular target whirls around in front of you at a dizzying pace. Knives are already stuck in it, but you have to throw all of yours without hitting any of them. Hit the fruit whenever you can. Think it sounds easy? Play knife smash for about five minutes and get back to us. 

Knife Smash Sends an Unexpected Twist Your Way

With most games, you can get the hang of how the mechanics work and really improve your skills quickly. With Knife Smash online, though, they have thrown in an ingenious obstacle that will keep you guessing. Not only will the target slow down, speed up, stop and start again unpredictably, but sometimes, it will change directions altogether? You can’t just memorize the target’s movement because it always changes. This means you’ll have to be even quicker with the blade. If that wasn’t hard enough, just wait until you come across your first real enemy.

Beat Bosses and Unlock the Best “Blades”

Every few stages, you’ll come across a boss, and trust us, he won’t be defeated so easily. If you can somehow manage to stick that baddy with all of your knives, you’ll be awarded with a brand new knife to throw! We love this customization option because it makes you earn it. Each new “knife” (one of them is a pencil) is like a trophy from one of your past victories. If you want to rack up a big collection, though, you’ll definitely need plenty of fruit for restarts. Alright, let’s get chuckin’! Like smashing and cutting things with knives? Maybe you should also try tis Watermelon Cutting game.