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KiX Dream Soccer

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Create Your Coaching Legacy in KiX Dream Soccer

You have no idea how that old colleague of yours suckered you into this, but at the beginning of KiX Dream Soccer online, you’re a totally overwhelmed former player who has agreed to coach a team. You didn’t even get a chance to meet your players before the first game, but nonetheless, you’re on a path to victory. Set your roster, trade players, hit the road and show the world what you can do – just like a real coach with a real team!

Enjoy Dazzling Graphics and Engaging Gameplay

This unblocked game is such a smooth and satisfying play, every time. It’s every bit as realistic as a match on tv! You control the players, pass, defend, shoot, and score. You even get to control the goalie when a shot comes your way, but make sure to guess the right direction. As you win, you’ll earn clout and plenty of coins so you can grow your soccer empire and tackle bigger challenges. Best of all, KiX Dream Soccer is absolutely free!