Kite Kittens

The Kite Kittens Sure Love Their Yarn

You can’t hide yarn from the Kite Kittens, even if it’s way up in the clouds! They will always find a way to play with their favorite toy. Help these purring pretties soar above the clouds as they pick up as much yarn as possible. Tap to fly higher, but make sure you stay away from obstacles. Your adventure will be over in a second if you so much as graze one of those clouds!

Those Clouds Aren’t As Soft As They Look…

They may look nice, but they’re thick enough to ruin your kite, and it’s a long way down! Make sure to avoid the clouds as you grab as much yarn as possible. This arcade game is all about timing and skill. Will you make it to the end of the level, yarn in hand? Load up this Kite Kittens game to see if you’ve got what it takes!