Kids Farm Fun

It’s a Barnyard Bonanza!

Ah, the simple pleasures of farm life. There are pigs rolling in mud, dogs chasing after sheep, and little duckies splashing around in puddles. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could capture these adorable animals in puzzles? Well, in Kids Farm Fun, you can spend an entire afternoon putting together cute pictures of classic farm animals! Each critter is doing one of their favorite activities. It’s up to you to choose, rotate and snap those puzzle pieces into place so that each picture can come together. This jigsaw puzzle game offers hours of classic entertainment and a number of customization options to keep you entertained.

Too Easy? Try This!

If you’re just getting started with this logic game, you may want to go for the six-piece puzzle. This is just a fun way to snap together puzzles quickly, see the image, and try the next one. If that seems a little too easy, though, why not up the difficulty? You can choose a twelve-piece option to make things a little more challenging. If you’re really feeling confident, you can even go for the 24-piece difficulty! Of course, if you want to meet all of the Kids Farm Fun characters, it may be best to try less pieces. Speaking of, let’s go see what they’re up to!

Meet All the Kids Farm Fun Characters

Look at that adorable, feathered friend of ours! A duck splashes in rain puddles, just waiting to meet you. A cow pours a tall glass of delicious milk. You can even meet a rooster practicing his beautiful singing (or crowing?) voice! There are over a dozen characters from around the farm, and they’re all happy to see you. Ready to help them come to life with this Kids Farm Fun game? Let’s go play with them!