Kids Cute Pairs

Many Ways to Play, One Way to Win

Most educational games don’t have a competitive, two-player feature, but this Kids Cute Pairs game lets you go head-to-head with a friend. That’s why we like it – learning is always better with a little competition thrown in! Play by yourself or against an opponent as you match pairs of cards. For even more variety, you can change the size of the game board. Each size comes with a different topic: food, musical instruments or animals.

Show Off Your Smarts in Kids Cute Pairs

If you want to clear the level quickly and beat your opponent, you have to focus and take your time. Try to memorize every card that you flip over so that you can make more matches when it’s your turn. If you’re playing solo, try to make less than five mistakes – it’s really challenging! Most of all, have fun with Kids Cute Pairs.