Jungle Run

Sir Bottomtight, Adventurer at Large

You aren’t afraid of creepy caves and monsters in this cool Sir Bottomtight game, because adventuring is what you do! You’re on a quest for precious artifacts, and you’ll do anything to get them. Leap boldly across deadly pits, jump onto and off of platforms, and whatever you do, don’t stop! If anyone gets in your way, just let ole’ Bessie (your trusty revolver) do the talking.

Grab Idols for Awesome Upgrades

Once you find a few idols, you can use them to pay for upgrades that will help you survive longer in this spooky cavern. Jump higher, survive a hit, or even suck up idols with a magnet!  Whatever you do, make sure you don’t stop running or jumping. This is a running arcade game, so run you must or lose quickly you will. Now, off with you, Sir Bottomtight - glory and riches await!