Jumping Snail

Not Your Average Slug

Yeah, most of them just slide around on the ground eating leaves, but Jumping Snail isn’t like the other slimy crawlers - he can jump! And what good would such a talent be if you didn’t use it? Our hero has a thirst for adventure, and he needs your help to explore the world around him. He wants to become the first snail to ever make it above the treetops!

Jumping Snail Isn’t Afraid of Heights, but Bees? Yikes!

The other snails are jealous, and they don’t want you to make it above the treetops, so they will try to stop you. Make sure to avoid them as you hop up levels. You can even jump over them if you have to! For each level, you’ll get a point. Trust us, if you want to get a good high score in this Jumping Snail game, it will take skill, patience, and bravery.