Jumping Light

Skill and Precision Are a Must

There’s no room for sloppiness in this Jumping Light game, where you have to stick the perfect landing again, and again, and again. This doesn’t seem that tricky - it’s just a bouncy ball, right? Just wait until the floorboards are yanked out from under you! That’s right, the floor is constantly shifting in unpredictable ways, and you will need quick and precise maneuvering to avoid falling down a bottomless pit.

What’s Your Jumping Light Play Style?

Prefer to play it safe? Just hop in the same spot until that floorboard is removed, and then scoot over one. If you’re like us, though, you prefer to add a little more style. Fly across the screen from left to right and make your landing adjustments at the last second. Plus, this way, you’ll grab more bonus orbs for a higher score. Show us your Jumping Light skills!