Jumping Kangaroo

What Goes Up Must Come Down

In this Jumping Kangaroo game, our main character definitely has the jumping part down - it’s what he was born to do, after all! Sometimes he gets so carried away, though, that he forgets to land where he’s supposed to! Help hoppy stick the landing on these platforms. If you miss, well, you might get a little wet. String together as many jumps as you can for an awesome high score.

The Secret to a Jumping Kangaroo Bonus

If you really want to rack up points while showing off your skills, see how many platforms you can skip over! You’ll gain an extra point every time you do. Just watch out for those tricky red ones - they might give you a nasty surprise. If you can manage to get a high score of 30, you’ll have our respect. If you can get 50 or more, you’re the Jumping Kangaroo king!