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Jumping Angry Ape


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They’re In YOUR Territory, And They Have To Go

If you enjoy the thrill of charging through enemy ranks, then our Jumping Angry Ape game will bring you hours of entertainment. Creepy alien robots have invaded, and it’s up to you to wipe them out! This will be no small task. You have to charge and leap your way through the enemies while collecting as many coins as possible. If you fall, humanity is sure to follow!

Charge Ahead Fearlessly In Jumping Angry Ape

Collecting coins while dodging enemies is great, but these things have to be stopped for good. Whenever you see a bomb, jump up and grab it to set off a devastating explosion! Better yet, if you can find an ape symbol, you will be given a huge speed boost and a shield so that you can simply bulldoze your enemies over! Slip through them or wipe them out – the choice is yours in Jumping Angry Ape.