Help Jom Jom Jump Higher And Higher

He may be funny-looking, but Jom Jom is our friend and the star of Jom Jom Jump. In this fast-paced arcade game, you have to quickly and carefully jump up floating platforms. If you see an apple, gobble it up and enjoy the extra points. If you are trying to go too fast and you tap the wrong direction – down goes Jom Jom! And trust us, it’s a long, long way down.

Choose Your Path Carefully

Sometimes, you’ll be able to take one of two platforms. When pathways split, try to choose the one that has an hourglass, if you can see it. This will extend your time limit. If you don’t, your career as a loveable, ugly jumper is over. Be quick, be careful, and go for the hourglass! The more you extend your time limit, the more you can enjoy our Jom Jom Jump game.