Jimbo Jump

These Aren’t Your Average Hurdles

In this Jimbo Jump game, your apartment building has been taken over by some spooky suitors! Our buddy needs your help leaping up each floor of the building while avoiding the unwanted guests. Luckily, Jim has some seriously springy legs, so he can go from one floor to another with a single hop, but be careful where you land! A ghost might be waiting for you…

Help Jimbo Jump To Safety!

If you are to have any chance of making it out of there in one piece, you will have to pay attention to how high you jump in this cool arcade game. If a ghost is coming straight at you and you can’t jump to the next floor because a ghost is right above you, then do a smaller hop to just jump over the one in front of you! Good luck in Jimbo Jump, and remember to keep those shoes laced up tight!