Jewel Pop

An Irresistible Combination

Between the dazzling diamonds, heart-shaped rubies and challenging puzzles, it’s no wonder Jewel Pop is so hard to put down! This isn’t your average match-3 game, either. You will soon find out that every move counts - literally. If you don’t achieve the target score within the number of moves provided, it’s back to the drawing board! Good thing the board is so nice to look at.

How to Up Your Jewel Pop Game

Don’t worry, as the levels get harder, you will earn a bunch of awesome tools to help you create a point-scoring bonanza. Use the pin to pop any balloon, which will destroy the block beneath it and plenty of other game pieces! The slick sling powerup will take out an entire cluster of balloons, and the extra move will give you one more chance to hit that high score. Are you ready for hours of Jewel Pop fun?