Jewel Christmas

Get in the Holiday Spirit

You can’t help but get excited for Christmas with Jewel Christmas match-3 game! Twinkly bells play in the background as you set up groups of three or more gingerbread men, stockings, Christmas trees and more. Each combo will score you points, so keep swapping those pieces around until you’ve cleared the level. Especially on timed game modes, this requires quick thinking and a good eye. Speaking of game modes, this game has a whopping five ways to play!

What’s Your Jewel Christmas Play Style?

Do you prefer to just relax and play with no moves or time limits to stop you, or do you like the thrill of being on the clock? Do you like to watch blocks of ice shatter as you score points, or do you like to target specific pieces? However you like your match-3 games, Jewel Christmas has a game mode for you.