Make a Daring Jetpack Escape!

You just knew that those scientists were up to something fishy in this Jetpack Escape game. You snuck into their lab to find out what it was, but you were definitely not prepared for what happened next. The scientists are experimenting on aliens and creating deadly weapons! Oh no, they found you! You grab a nearby jetpack and attempt to shoot out of the roof while alarms go off like crazy. Man, how many floors are there?

Wow, This Secret Lab is Bigger Than I Thought

As you boost yourself higher and higher through this facility's security doors, you are amazed at how big it is. Time your boosts skillfully to avoid being chopped in half! See how many floors you can get through in this never-ending laboratory. Just don't look too closely at the windows as you make your Jetpack Escape - you might lock eyes with a creepy alien!