Jelly Slice

Jelly Slice Is Deliciously Challenging

If you love challenging puzzles as much as you love scrumptious jelly on toast, then you will definitely enjoy this Jelly Slice game. In order for those stars to shine their brightest, they need to be separated. You have two slices to make it happen. Cut around, over, and in-between our sparkly friends to set them loose. See the blue ones? They give bonus points!

Run Out Of Moves And You’re Toast!

If you’re too impatient, you may miss out on the opportunity to ace the level with three stars because you missed a blue one. If you take too long to plan your next slice, you may overthink it. Keep a level head, follow your gut and commit to each cut. If you can’t separate all of the yellow stars, it’s back to the drawing board. Once you get the hang of Jelly Slice, you will be slashing through each level with ease.