Jelly Match 3

The Most Delicious Puzzle You’ve Ever Solved

We don't know what's harder with this Jelly Match 3 game, keeping that timer alive or resisting the urge to run to the candy drawer! This game will give you a craving for sugar like you've never had before. It's a never-ending puzzle, so you will have plenty time to get your fix. Keep making your matches of three or more jellies to keep the timer from running out. Can you beat our high score of 2600 points?

Think Quickly to Stay Alive in Jelly Match 3

The good news? There’s no move counter. The challenging part? If you get lost in the gleam of those jiggly jellies for even a few seconds, you could run out of time! This thinking game is unique in its level progression system, too. Instead of stopping and starting, it lets you keep your momentum going. You’ll roll right into level 2 before you know it. So keep those matches coming, and you’ll be a Jelly Match 3 pro for sure.