Jelly Doods

Fabulous Fashionista Dress up

Fabulous Fashionista Dress up

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Oh No, The Jelly Doods Got Split Up!

Somehow, our jiggly friends got separated in this Jelly Doods game, and they need your help being put back together so they can go on a delicious sandwich. You will have to smear them around the gameboard to get pieces of the same color together again, but be careful – you only have a few moves to do so.

Three Stars Is No Easy Task

You will have to think logically to clear the level with three stars, always staying two moves ahead of yourself. Don’t be ashamed if you need to use a hint, we do all the time! Sometimes, those stones that are “in your way” can actually help you. Use them to position our little jelly buddies closer to the bigger piece and slide across the board to slam the jellies together! Good luck, smarty, the Jelly Doods are counting on you!