Jelly Bomb

So Little Jelly, So Much to Do!

This pastry chef is in way over his head, and he needs your help in this Jelly Bomb game! Your goal is to clear the game board. Each candy, once you add enough jelly, will explode. Each explosion adds more jelly to the candies around it. You only have a little jelly to add, so choose your pieces carefully and take them all out!

How to Up Your Jelly Bomb Game

We love this game because it’s creative, and because it gets tougher and more interesting with every level. See those cupcakes? They blow up even bigger than the jellies! Detonate them to give yourself a boost, and use the arrows to reach jellies you normally couldn’t. If you plan each level out carefully, you should be just fine. Don’t get too distracted by all the sweets, or you’ll run out of Jelly Bomb fuel!