Jelly Bears

Jelly Bears Falling from the Sky? I Must Be Dreaming….

No, this Jelly Bears game isn’t a dream - it’s a fun logic game that will give you a huge craving for yummy snacks! These brightly colored gummies have been scattered all around, and they want to be with their buddies. Match three or more to collect points. See those numbers on the left? You have to match certain colors if you want to beat the level. If you’re like us, you’ll get hooked on this game for hours!

Make Your Moves Wisely

If you just match everything you see without using logic, you might run out of moves. That’s right, you only have a limited number of matches before the level ends. So pay attention to your goals, and look for the colors that you need. If you can do that, then all six stages of Jelly Bears will be a piece of, candy!