Indi Cannon

Uh Oh...We’re All Out of Cannonballs

This Indi Cannon game is a ragdoll physics fan’s dream - or is it a nightmare? You’ve journeyed to a faraway land to hunt for a legendary treasure. When you got there, you weren’t disappointed - gold coins filled the air around you! But darn it, you forgot the cannonballs! Well, it looks like your crew members are going to have a “blast” now. Launch them at the treasure instead!

Each Indi Cannon Level Brings a New Challenge

Each new area that you loot adds tougher and more thrilling challenges. Hurl stone men at vicious, man-eating plants. Hit a switch with the perfect shot to disable a deadly swinging scythe. Bounce, roll, and flop your way around platforms to get hard-to-reach coins. There’s no time to feel bad for your bruised and battered crewmen. Just load them into the Indi Cannon and send them flying towards the treasure!