Well, It’s Almost Impossible

We love this Impossible 13 game because it offers everything that a math-based thinking game should: logical thinking, matching, and a little bit of math skill. If you can use these, you will easily make it to thirteen. Match 3 or more of the same number to upgrade it to the next number. Continue until you’ve built up to the number thirteen and you win! Be warned, though, it gets harder as you go along.  

Do Regular Puzzles Bore You? Try Impossible 13!

If you’re bored with regular old puzzles, why not try one that’s “impossible?” Trust us, you will probably have to go back to the drawing board once or twice with this game, because the high number that you want to match sometimes gets caught in a corner. Be patient, group your higher numbers together, use that undo button if you have to, and you will achieve the Impossible 13 in no time!