Idle Factory

Come On, Slowpokes, Get to Work!

Why do they even bother showing up to work if they’re just going to twiddle their thumbs and take forever? These lazy employees are just begging to be whipped into shape by a boss who knows what he’s doing. In Idle Factory, your job is simple: make as many products as possible and get crazy rich! The problem is, though, that these hammer-swinging slackers need constant motivation to work. You tried being nice, but so much for that. Take your rightful place at the boss’s desk, and show those spoiled little workers what happens if they take too long! Holler at them, pound your fist on your desk, and do whatever else it takes to keep those products whizzing off the assembly line.

When One Hammer Isn’t Enough

If you’re just in this to make a few pennies on the side, then sure – one worker will do it. But that’s no way to look at a factory game, now is it? Idle Factory is the perfect opportunity for you to get seriously rich, so why not take advantage of it? Here’s a pro tip: the first thing you should do is find some more labor. Two hammers are always better than one, as they say. Keep adding new workers, and while you’re at it, upgrade them so that each worker can work even faster. It takes a while to gain some momentum, but once you fill that factory with well-disciplined assemblers, there’s nothing that can stop you!

Expand Your Empire and Become Rich

Finally filled up that entire factory floor with workers, did you? Well, don’t put your feet up on that oak desk of yours too early, because there’s plenty more to do. That’s right, if you want to be a true captain of industry, you can’t just own one measly operation – it’s time to expand! After all, you’ll be making tons of money from your full floor of assemblers in this factory game, so you might as well take advantage of that extra cash with another location. You heard us correctly – you can actually buy another factory in this game! Of course, it may cost you a million gold, but we never said that it would come at a discount or anything…

The Best Part About Idle Factory? Being Idle!


Leaving a factory idle is never a good idea in the real world, because all of the employees would just goof around all day. The coolest thing about this particular factory game, though, is that they still work while you’re away from your phone or keyboard – just slower. That’s right, you can go get a sandwich, play outside, do some homework or even go to bed. All day and all night, these characters will be pounding away at their workstations. Of course, when you feel like “cracking the whip,” you can always pound on your desk for a while, but you don’t have to. That’s our favorite part about this Idle Factory game – you’re the boss!