Hunter Willie

Those Aren’t Deer!

Somehow, somewhere, Hunter Willie has stumbled onto a busy dinosaur breeding ground! He would have been happy with a deer or two, but now he’s in for the hunt of his life - literally. If you don’t keep that trigger finger moving, your bones will be the next fossils to litter the ground here. When those raptors start stomping towards you, shoot first and ask questions later. By the way, you might want to keep your head down - flying dinosaurs are here too!

Great Shot, Hunter Willie!

Are you running low on ammo? Then aim for the head, and take those beasts out with a single shot! Also, don’t forget to grab eggs and other tokens for bonus points. Keep moving to make it through the course, and remember to always keep your enemy in front of you. Enjoy hours of nonstop action in this Hunter Willie game.