Hungry Fridge

You Aren’t The Only One Who Nom Noms

Maybe it’s not just you – maybe your Hungry Fridge wants food too. After all, it has a huge “mouth” and plenty of places to store different kinds of food. In this hilarious game, you have to help your fridge maintain its battery for as long as possible by feeding it! Not only do you have to feed it, you have to feed it what it’s craving for.

Be Careful What You Feed Hungry Fridge!

The fridge will tell you what it wants to eat, and these items will float across the screen (among others). You have to pick the proper foods and choose them before they disappear. Make sure to pay attention when the craving changes – you wouldn’t want to give pepperoni pizza to someone who wanted a carrot, would you? If you’re quick and observant, you will put up some serious high scores while having a good time with this Hungry Fridge game.