Hit the Glow and Watch the Fireworks!

This Hit the Glow game perfectly captures the thrill of the perfect strike. Your enemy is a shiny orb surrounded by glowing shield pieces. Like a patient hunter, you have to wait until the perfect alignment to strike. When you’re ready, WAM! Hurl your orb at the shield piece and expose the core. If you hit the wrong color, you lose! If you succeed, however, prepare for a dazzling spectacle of lights.

Enjoy Four Game Modes

Are you aggressive and skilled, or calculating and strategic? This game allows you to play to your strengths in four different game modes. Each game mode has fifteen levels attached with it, so get ready to play for a while. Our favorite feature is the sheer amount of content - 60 levels to master! So get your shooting hand ready, because in Hit the Glow, nothing less than a bullseye will do.