Do You Crave The Thrill Of Victory?

If you’re looking for high score games online, you understand the thrill of pushing yourself to be the best while competing with others. This is why we at Kiloo have dedicated ourselves to bringing you the most thrilling and challenging games that will keep you coming back to “one-up” yourself or your friends.

Our free high score games challenge you to perfect your timing, judgment, and accuracy. It’s you versus the clock and everyone else! Don’t worry if you fail at first – most of these games are meant to be perfected with time. Your reward for patience and practice? Bragging rights and high rankings in the leaderboards, of course! Check out our favorites down below.

Choose From Our Favorite High Score Games Online

Line up the perfect shot as you dodge defenders in Basketball Master 2, one of the best online high score games available on Kiloo. Invite any of your friends who like one-player, two-player, and classic arcade games to take you on head-to-head!

Think and act quickly in Dino Jump, a highly popular choice among our many games. The slightest mistake in judgment as you are skipping across tadpoles or floating ice platforms could land you in the water! Don’t take too long, though, as you will be on the clock with this as well as several other of Kiloo’s high score games. That’s what makes this one of the toughest and best games that we offer.

Always bragging about your ninja-like speed and agility? Ninja Action, one of our most played titles, will give you the chance to prove it. Jump nimbly from surface to surface without smacking into a wall. 

Challenge Yourself And Others To The Best Online High Score Games

The best part about playing free high score games is that you get to decide how you want to improve as a player and a competitor. Do you want to outdo yourself each time, or are you content beating your friends and bragging about it? The most effectively designed games encourage you to do both, which is exactly how we’ve structured our offerings at Kiloo. You can rule your group of friends as the king of the leaderboards or simply strive to improve on your own score across one or many of our online high score games. Just remember while you are playing any of our highly acclaimed titles that the entire point is to have fun!

Do you have what it takes to compete with thousands of other players from across the globe? After enough practice with any of our free high score games, you just may have the honor of gracing the number one spot with your name one day.