High Score Games

Is Winning in Your Blood?

If you’re looking for high score games online, you understand the thrill of pushing yourself to be the next level in everything that you do. You don’t go out there to “compete” with others. You go out there to absolutely dominate! That’s the difference between an average joe and a high score stud – the winning attitude. So, if winning is hardwired into your DNA, then it’s time to show us what you can do. Hop in to this free hi score games category, climb that leaderboard, and don’t look back until you’ve hit the top. That’s the thrill of being the best, and that’s why we at Kiloo have dedicated ourselves to bringing you the most thrilling and challenging games around.

It’s Going to Take More Than Luck

Think you can just boot up one of these competitive games and simply stumble your way to a high score? It’s going to take a whole lot more than a lucky break and a couple hits of that restart button to tower over your hundreds (or even thousands) of competitors. You will need tons of practice, patience, and natural talent to make a name for yourself in this high score games category. Speaking of talent, this selection of games will put your abilities to the test. You will have to shoot more precisely, run farther, and make decisions more effectively than everyone else. You’ll have to fight against the clock, yourself, and other players. Don’t worry if you fail at first – most of these games are meant to be perfected with time. Your reward for patience and practice? Bragging rights and high rankings in the leaderboards, of course! Check out our favorites down below.

Choose from Our Favorite High Score Games Online

The objective may be the same throughout this category – become number one – but how you get there can vary a lot. These games are as fun as they are challenging, and there are many different play styles available depending on what you choose to master. If you prefer to dominate on the court, we have plenty of titles that put you in the shoes of professional athletes. Prefer an endless runner with plenty of hazards in your way? We’ve got plenty of titles in that department as well. Finally, if you like to slink about like a stealthy warrior, you just might find your match in this high score games category.

He Shoots, *Swish*, He Scores!


There’s nothing quite like it. The crowd is cheering, but you don’t hear them because you’re so focused. The sweat drips off of your brow. Five seconds to go, next shot wins it. You plant your feet, take a breath, and let that ball fly to the hoop while defenders scramble to get to you. They’re too slow, and you’re way too good – swish, it’s all over! As huge fans of epic, last-second game winners, we have set up lots of competitive games that put the ball (and all the pressure) in your hands or at your feet. Line up the perfect shot as you try to dunk in Basket Slam Dunk, for example, one of the best online high score games available on Kiloo. Invite any of your friends who like one-player, two-player, and classic arcade games to take you on head-to-head!

They Go Far, You Go Farther

Some people are just born to run, jump, and climb without thinking about the consequences. Our high score category isn’t just about points. It’s about thrills, too, and we’re bringing them to you in spades with these endless runner games! You never know what situation you’ll find yourself in. Maybe you “borrowed” an ancient treasure, and now the whole tomb is crumbling around you. Maybe you’re just trying to make it from one area to another. However you run and jump, you’ll have to be careful not to smash into any obstacles or fall off any cliffs. In Dino Jump, for example, you have to quickly skip across tadpoles and floating ice platforms. Measure your jumps carefully, though, or you might find yourself in the water! This type of high score game is all about fast fingers and even faster decision-making.

Silent, Swift and Deadly…

Always bragging about your ninja-like speed and agility? We have plenty of games that require you to flip, climb and even wall-run your way through all kinds of crazy hazards. In Ninja Action, for example, one of our most played titles, you will need to flip from one wall to another. Jump nimbly from surface to surface without smacking into a wall. Wait…is that guy running on the ceiling?

Challenge Yourself and Others to The Best Online High Score Games

The best part about playing free high score games is that you get to decide how you want to improve as a player and a competitor. Do you want to outdo yourself each time, or are you content beating your friends and bragging about it? The most effectively designed games encourage you to do both, which is exactly how we’ve structured our offerings at Kiloo. You can rule your group of friends as the king of the leaderboards or simply strive to improve on your own score across one or many of our online high score games. Just remember while you are playing any of our highly acclaimed titles that the entire point is to have fun! Do you have what it takes to compete with thousands of other players from across the globe? After enough practice with any of our free high score games, you just may have the honor of gracing the number one spot with your name one day.