Gun City

Take Your Best Shot, Wise Guy

The citizens of Gun City aren’t exactly the welcoming type, and you’ve long overstayed yours.  They’ve decided to kick you out the only way they know how – by blasting you! You’ll need a sharp eye and a steady hand to make it past these trench-coat-wearing wise guys, because they’ve had plenty of practice. Take aim and take them out before they can get a shot off.

There’s Only One Way Out of Gun City

…And it ain’t out the side door, trust us. You gotta go through them, or they’ll go through you. Aim for the head if you want a clean kill, then move on. If you take more than one shot to defeat each bad guy, you’re bound to get surrounded. Don’t let that trigger finger get too itchy, though, because there are plenty of nice “dames” hanging around this Gun City game that you would hate to hit!