Groovy Ski

Zig-Zag Your Way Down The Slopes

Undoubtedly one of our most challenging and addicting titles yet, this Groovy Ski game will have you frantically hitting the restart button to outdo yourself every time.  Dash through the snow and bank around corners with precision to keep yourself from slamming into obstacles! Speaking of, there are plenty of things to run into – fences, snowballs, rocks, and even abominable snowmen. Yes, we said abominable snowmen.  

How Long Can You Last In Groovy Ski?

If you can make it really far, that’s impressive. If you’re good at grabbing the stars without wiping out, that’s great too. Can you do both at the same time, though? You will have to have lightning-fast reflexes and an eagle eye to dance around all of the obstacles, some of which are moving, AND snag those stars. Give Groovy Ski a try today, and watch out for the abominable snowman!