Greedy Gnomes

Please The Gnomes, Win The Game

After you get your hands on our Greedy Gnomes game, the gnomes won’t be the only ones with a hankering for sparkly treasure. We’re offering this game to you as a “relaxed thinker,” one that requires a little strategy, but not enough to give you a headache. The idea is simple: just line up four gems and your grateful, greedy friends will award you with points. The challenging part is outfoxing your opponent. For every attempt you make to connect the gems, your opponent will be trying to get in your way. 

Enjoy Intense Head-to-Head Action in Greedy Gnomes 

If you truly want to master this game, you have to learn to read the player across from you. Distract and confuse them as much as you can so that they will waste their turns while you stack up the points! Once the board is full and you’ve both put in your all, it’s up to our Greedy Gnomes to decide the champion…