Great Air Battles

Command The Skies In A Vicious Attack Chopper!

Your powerful propellers chop furiously at the air above as you spew a torrent of bullets at an endless procession of enemies in this Great Air Battles game. Wipe the sweat from your eyes, pilot, because you will need every millisecond to stay alive. Blast your way through the enemy ranks, outmaneuver their attacks and snag supply drops for points.

Overcome Swarms of Enemies In Great Air Battles

If you want to cut through as many enemies as possible, you will have to follow one guideline above all others: keep your foes in front of you. As soon as they can circle behind, your job gets much, much harder. Be unpredictable, dip left and right, and take those fighters out! The longer you last, the more points you will get. Hop into the cockpit and start looking for trouble in Great Air Battles!