Goblins VS Skeletons

There’s No Time To Think In Goblins vs Skeletons

Clear your mind and warm up those fingers, because our favorite Goblins vs Skeletons game is sure to test both your wits and your speed! A never-ending procession of skeletons and goblins are trying to make it across a dangerous trench. At the bottom awaits a watery grave for whoever can’t bridge the gap. Your job is to quickly send them over – you get a point for each attempt. We say “attempt” because the skeletons don’t make it across (it’s probably the lack of muscle).

How Fast Can You Tap?

This fun single-player game requires you to keep from getting your wires crossed mentally. If you tap the wrong way for either a goblin or a skeleton, you lose! You have to be quick because time is limited. The more creatures that you can attempt to get across, the better you do. Our best score in Goblins vs Skeletons is 194 – we dare you to beat it!