Goblin Flying Machine

What A Contraption You’ve Made

It’s not as powerful as a plane or as agile as a bird, but hey, give the Goblin Flying machine some credit. It took some real creativity on the part of this goblin to make this rig! Now that it’s ready for launch, you must set out to reach new heights while you gather as many cog-shaped tokens as possible. Take a practice run or two so you can get used to how she handles. When you’re ready, go for that record!

Steer Your Goblin Flying Machine Out Of Harm’s Way

As you climb higher into the air, you will notice that traffic is worse than you originally thought. Witches, unicorns, old wizards on flying carpets, and even flying cows are going crazy up there. Make sure you steer around them because those paper wings aren’t going to handle a collision very well. Good luck with this Goblin Flying Machine game, and remember to share the air!