Goal Goal Goal

He Shoots...The Crowd Gasps...Goal Goal Goal!!

Prepare for the ultimate football showdown in Goal Goal Goal. You’ve already dribbled around all of the defenders with ease, and now it’s just you versus the goalkeeper. Your adrenaline is pumping, the crowd is going wild, and your whole team is counting on you! Pick your corner, and make sure to put plenty of “oomph” into it. Drill that ball into the side netting, and you’ll be a hero!

Go for the Ultimate Scoring Streak

No pressure, but if you miss, you lose! If you make your shot, though, you get to go again, and again, and again until you miss. Any rookie can get lucky once or twice. Can you rack up a high score of ten goals in a row? You’ll have to keep the keeper guessing. Change your angles and fake him out. Above all, this Goal Goal Goal game is about having fun!