Girl Dress Up

Shoes, Dresses and Nails – Oh My!

Your parents can’t tell you what to wear in Girl Dress Up! It’s your wardrobe and your choice. This game will provide hours of fun as you try different outfit choices with the click of a button. Enjoy a ton of customization options, from glasses to nails and even eye color. Will you leave the house in something more casual, something professional, or even completely clashing? The choice is yours.

Fashion Is Your Call In This Girl Dress Up Game

Personally, we prefer to go for a wacky and fun mixture of colors and styles, but you can do whatever you want – that’s the entire point!  After you have the perfect ensemble thrown together, take it out on the town. The world is dying to see what you’re wearing, and there are plenty of cameras to capture it. Have fun in Girl Dress Up, and remember: your style is your own.