Get Locky

How’s Your Reaction Speed?

Will you be quick enough to pick the lock in this Get Locky game, or are you too sluggish? The first few levels won’t be too difficult. Start the game, watch the pin closely, and tap as soon as it gets in range of the yellow dot. Do it just right, and you just aced the level! Do it wrong, and you’re back to the drawing board, friend. Of course, each level is a little harder because it requires you to hit another dot!

Will You Miss Your Cue Or Get Locky?

Each time the dot reappears, it will be in a different place, so there is no way to get used to this skill-based arcade game. That’s the genius of this game: it’s unpredictable! If you want to make it past level 10, you will have to be unpredictable too. Have fun, practice your timing, and you might just Get Locky.