Get 10

Match 3, Get 10, Win!

If you live for the thrill of cracking tough puzzles, this Get 10 game will give you plenty to get excited about! At first, the game board isn’t that colorful. It’s filled with #1, #2 and #3 bricks. If you’re lucky, you might even get a #4 right from the start. Your job is to match groups of three or more of the same brick to get to the higher number. Once you make a #10 brick, you win! Put your thinking cap on, it’s time for a little math.

Harder Than It Looks

That’s easy, you might be thinking, I just have to tap like crazy! It’s not that simple, though. You will have to plan each move out carefully so that the new bricks that fall after you make a combo are able to make new combos. Crazy, right? It’s not impossible, though. If you can use your logic skills and keep high numbers together, you’ll beat this Get 10 Game in a cool half hour!