Gentleman 2

Clear Out the Riff Raff in Gentleman2

Gentleman2 is a splendid game with an important purpose: keeping a gentlemanly tone to the room. Whether one is at a fine dinner party or a French opera, a true gentleman cannot allow hooligans and bullies to disturb everyone else. Tap and pop all of the blocks that aren’t green. Enjoy realistic physics as these blocks slide and bounce around. If you can clear all the blocks besides green and still land on the platform, then cheerio, old chap - you’ve done it!

For Goodness Sakes, Avoid any Fiascos

It’s bad enough that these rather rude fellows have invaded the public space, but that red block is simply intolerable. If he so much as touches the corner of the green block, there will be a fiasco for sure - maybe even fisticuffs! We love this little detail because it adds so much extra difficulty. Good luck in this Gentleman2 game, old boy!