Add Sparkly Stones to your Gemollection!

With so many dazzling rubies and huge emeralds in this Gemollection game, you’ll be tempted to try your hardest at each puzzle. Good thing you’ve got your trusty bolt cutters! Clip those chains and set each gem free, but be careful to get all of the other obstacles out of the way first. You’ll have plenty of planks and blocks blocking your bath. If that gem doesn’t land in the chest, it’s lost forever!

Enjoy Quirky and Fun Level Design

We love how each level brings tougher obstacles and crazier features. For example, you can activate a high-tech light bridge to help guide the gem to the finish. You can even use teleports to drop it over that chest! That’s one thing this thinking game did perfectly - it balanced the increasing difficulty with cooler and more helpful level design. Have fun building your Gemollection!