Gem Legends

Gem Legends Run Towards Challenges, Not Away from Them

The game isn’t called “Gem Rookies,” it’s Gem Legends because it was designed for the best of the best. Keep your eyes on those chips in this match-3 game, because they will make or break your score depending on how you use them. Your moves are limited, and you have to hit the score threshold to win, so look for large combinations only! If you find one big enough, you just may get a powerful surprise.

Create Explosive Combos for Massive Bonuses

Combine five or more chips of the same color to create a bomb! To detonate for points, match the bomb with at least two chips of the same color. We love this game because it encourages thinking ahead. If you can see how the chips will fall, you can prepare for huge combos. So load up this Gem Legends game and shoot for three stars!