Furious Speed

Achieve Furious Speed

You know when the lane stripe looks like a solid line that you’ve achieved Furious Speed, a term reserved for only the fastest and most daring of racers. This isn’t your ordinary closed track, either – you are in the thick of it. Traffic, other racers, and even police cars are all in your way. You have to ditch them all and put up a killer time if you want to do well in this game.

Risk It All To Claim More Points

Even at high speeds, some choose to play it safe by staying a lane or two away from the cars that they pass. If you want to compete in this competitive single-player game, you will have to cut it much closer than that. Whip by cars and receive extra points for close misses. Because that’s what this Furious Speed game is all about – risk, reward, and adrenaline.