Furious Racing

The World is Your Racetrack in Furious Racing

Why drive around in a giant circle when you can take to the road in this Furious Racing game? Jump in your supercharged hot rod and show your opponents why they never should have challenged you in the first place. Scream down the road like a banshee as you switch lanes to pass your opponents. This game is both simple and exciting - all you have to do is not crash!

Big Risks Earn Big Rewards

You could keep a large gap between yourself and other racers, but where’s the fun in that? The closer your car gets to an opponent as you pass them, the more bonus points you will earn. This will give your score a significant boost. So don’t play it safe - go for thrills! That’s what this Furious Racing game is all about: high stakes action, adrenaline and ultimate bragging rights.