Fruit Snake

Snakes Don’t Bank At Right Angles, They Slither!

This fruit snake game is one of our favorite because it fixes a critical design flaw in an otherwise beloved arcade genre: the myth of the 90-degree turn. It’s way too easy to grab food when you can turn on a dime. In this game, you can slither in a 360-degree circle, so you have to approach every piece of fruit at the perfect angle or you will miss it!

How “Long” Will You Make It In Fruit Snake?

The premise is not exactly rocket science: eat fruit, grow bigger, and keep the clock running. If you’re constantly turning around because you missed a piece, you won’t last (or grow) very long. Oh, and be weary of accidentally biting yourself! Two times is okay, but after the third time, there won’t be anything left to bite. Best of luck, and may your fruit snake grow long and prosper.